Saturday, January 29, 2011

It Takes a Village to Raise a Spanko

Being a woman in the computer age has afforded me relationships and alliances that I could only dream of as a veritable loner in my teens and 20's. In closing down my blog, I realize how very blessed I have been to find like minded people all over the world who not only understand me, but have been so generous in their advice and support.  I know that when I jump off this ledge by clicking publish, I'll have so much to say that I'll desperately want to come back. This blog has been such a huge part of my life in the past year.

I came into blogging as a young fresh faced newbie... a bit selfish, thoughtless, certainly not the sharpest knife in this drawer. And now, look at me.  A year later, I'm all grown up, and B'Man and I have settled into a comfort zone that will be a part of our lives forever. And all of you who commented, and chatted, and befriended me were a part of that growth, and I just want you to know that I appreciate you.

Sara, the voice of reason and wisdom;

Janet, my first and most treasured phone buddy and confidant;

Kady, the hand I reach for during hormonal storms, and Christian conviction;

Kay Lynn, the wordsmith who can paint a picture in a paragraph;

PK, who created Cassie, a woman I identify with to the marrow of my bones;

Mick, another admirable and respected source of the HoH experience;

Jenn and RW, a couple of sweet kids I consider my little sisters;

Galway Giirl, a woman who's personal stories inspired my posts more than she knows;

Katia and Emilie, The rebels of the neighborhood who had the courage to break with tradition to find their way;

Ronnie and Daisychain, a couple of adorable Brits with the classic humor I've come to look forward to each week;

Tammy, who sought me out for advice but wound up teaching me a few things;

Ally, My source for Homeopathy and holistic self examination.

Arianna, the poet and visual artist.

The wit, wisdom and invaluable advice of the new girls on the block... Monica, Audra, Surrendering Slowly, Alexandra, Serenity, Stormy, DaisyChristian, Misty, Lynn, and Judy.

And to the person with whom I parted ways over a disagreement, (you know who you are) you were the first person to reach out to me last year, and I will always appreciate that.

All the guys and gals from Joannie and Friends Forum who have come in to lend support and love.

And, of course Bonnie, The Grand Dame of the spanko community and whose posts B'Man would read to me when he considered proposing this relationship.

This is the village where I grew up. And even though I'll no longer be a contributing blogger, I hope you will allow me to be a part of your lives as we continue to do This Thing We Do.

Love Always


  1. SugarAnne,

    I love your title, because it very much seems to be true, but hate to hear that this is your last post. Your presence will be missed greatly.

    Please come back if you change your mind. Keep in touch! I wish you and Babyman all the best.


  2. You guys will be missed. Goodbye!

  3. SugarAnne,

    Your blog was one of the first I began lurking on, around 6 months or so ago. I've been inspired by the depth of your connection with BabyMan, as well as the depth of your insight into yourself. You have courageously shared much with many, and that is both generous and admirable. Your courage helped me finally to gather enough of my own to delurk and venture into the blogoshpere.

    I'm sad that your blog is sunsetting just as mine is getting onto its own shaky legs. I'll continue to mine your archives for gems (if you don't mind) and inspiration as my blog gathers speed, linking back to some of your best stuff so future newbies can benefit from your wisdom as well.

    Perhaps one day we will all have the pleasant surprise of a new post from one of you. Whether that happens or not, I wish you both the best of everything.


  4. SugarAnne~ I am going to miss you! I have learned so much from you and B'man both! Your humor and wisdom have a been a breath of fresh air for me, so thank you for that!

    I am relieved to hear you'll still be lurking and commenting! That is comforting, but I will miss your writing! There is a time and place for everything so I understand. I wish you all the best!

    You and B'man have been inspiring, and I am sure will continue to be! :-)

    Hugs and warm thanks,

  5. Noooooooooooo!!!! I know you guys have your reasons, but you will be greatly missed! Please start posting again if you feel the need to write and express yourselves....don't let this 'official' and 'too final' goodbye stop you!! I am so upset!

  6. SugarAnne,

    I guess it's human nature to assume that people, places, and things we love will always be there. The reality is that much of this life is ethereal. We must therefore enjoy all we can while the opportunities exist. Your sudden and unexpected departure serves as another reminder.

    I am grateful for this chance to thank you, offer goodbyes, and wish both of you a peaceful and prosperous future. I am also glad you will be leaving your archives in place where they can enlighten and enrich the next generation of spankos and DD enthusiasts.

    You two clearly know what is best. However, should you ever change your minds, I would be honored to help announce your triumphant return. In the meantime, please know that you are always welcome at my blog, or write me if you prefer. I'd love to hear any updates you wish to share.

    You will be long remembered in our community and with great fondness. We will miss you both.


  7. I am sad to see you going, you will be sorely missed, but at the same time, wish you only the best.



  8. SugarAnne -

    You have become a wonderful friend to me over the course of the last year, and I will miss reading your and B'Man's blogs more than I can say. Please don't disappear completely, we love you!

    All My Best -


  9. SugarAnne as I told Bman I hate to see you leave the blogsphere but I do hope you will visit from time to time and share on our blogs. Will miss you guys.

  10. o sugaranne i will miss reading but i new this time was coming..ik it is very hard to keep up..i soon will fade away come april but i hope that u and bman keep replying to me and i hope i can talk to you on messenger still hugs

  11. I read your post about an hour hour and was so shocked I didn't know what to say. I always enjoyed reading your blog posts. You're an amazing person and you and B'Man have something to be proud of. Although you will be sorely missed I understand your reasons. Please keep in touch, feel free to drop by anytime. I would love to keep building upon the friendship made here. Big huge warm hugs...

  12. SugarAnne,
    I have enjoyed reading all that you and B'Man have been willing to share. Although we don't know each other that well, I was very sad to see this today. I am honored that you found a friend and kindred spirit in Cassie. I hope you'll keep reading her.


  13. SugarAnne -

    I already wrote a somewhat lengthy reply to B'Man's post, but I wanted to reiterate here that you and B'Man will both be sorely missed. Your blogs seem to have become a sort of "center" of the "tweed" community. I'm sad to see you stop posting, but definitely hope to keep in touch anyway! Hugs!


  14. I could plead and beg for you to stay, but I have already tried that. You and B'mans' blogs have been a great inspiration to me and one of the first ones that I found while searching the 'tweed' question. I am honored that I was able to be here while you were blogging if only for a little while.

    You both will be missed; please come back to us anytime

  15. I was sad when I heard that you and B'Man are leaving. You both will be missed so much.

    I send my love and best wishes to you both.

    Love and hugs,

  16. I have read many of your posts which brought me to tears of laughter, but this is the first post to have me in uncontrollable tears of anguish. I can't believe this...

    dammit, i can't even see properly to do the captcha thing...i have got it wrong twice...

  17. Sugaranne, I'm sorry to see you go, but I'm glad you let everyone know of your decision.


  18. Sugar, I will miss reading your blog so much. Thankyou for getting me started and for having so much faith in me. Keep in touch my friend. Lots of love, Galway

  19. It's been such a pleasure reading your blog! We'll have to get to know each other better with different avenues of communication :)


  20. I'll miss your blogs so much! Thanks for all you two have done for so many people. We've been blessed by getting to know you!

  21. Will miss you two,but understand. :)

  22. SugarAnne,

    You have made an impact on my life that will forever be engraved in my heart. Thank you for your love, encouragement, and uhm, gentle reprimands. I understand, but I will miss the creative light you shed on the simple things in the TWWD life. Take care, my friend.


  23. I lurked a long time before commenting on your blog. I have learned so much, and in a way you two inspired me to want to share my story too. Then you cheered me on in my own blogging ventures. Thank you.

    There have been times I laughed aloud and startled the cat, as I read your latest post! I learned a lot, as you two gave us the unique perspective of both being bloggers. Unique and invaluable. I am one of many who hope you will breathe life into your blog from time to time. That you will miss it too much, after all. :)

    I'll get to "see" you in other ways, so keep in touch, dear one. This place will be missed. A lot.

  24. You both taught so many of us so much....yes even us old folks!!! LOL.

    I am honored to be listed among the many who helped you and I am also honored to call you both my friends. I am one of the lucky ones. The one's who will not lose touch with you. The one
    who's life you have entered and will always be a part of. I am so glad that if nothing else, I found a friend in all of this and that is the most precious of all gifts.

  25. Yup! It would figure. Just when I figure out how to post comments on this thing...


  26. Sugaranne, I'm really really going to miss reading posts by both you and B'Man. However, I am glad that you will still be around and hopefully commenting.
    See ya around!

  27. SugarAnne, I am joining in the comments of those who are going to miss you and BabyMan. I loved your frank honesty and willingness to look at yourself even when you weren't so proud of your actions.

    The love that the two of you have shared in your blogs - how much you love each other and "get" each other, has always made me yearn to have that eventual connection myself.

    Best wishes for the future and I do hope to see you around from time to time. I still owe you a blog on the effectiveness of writing lines if I remember right. ;-)



  28. I'm behind on blogs,but was very sad to read this.Ya'll will be missed.


  29. SugarAnne, you may to may not know I've been "gone" for a while myself, but my hiatus was temporary. I am just now learning you guys are gone. Perhaps after a while you will decide there's more to talk about. I hope so, but either way, it's been fun and interesting and special to share in your journey. I wish you both the very best!